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Running Head: Employee Development Employee Development and the Park University In today’s competitive business world, it is important to have fully trained and well-versed employees, which can help make or break an organization. By having an employee development plan, or career path if you will, it allows employees to set career goals. This allows companies to ensure employees are fully capable of performing their assigned duties. The following chapter, Chapter 9, discussed methods of employee development. This chapter covered current trends associated with formal education, effective development strategies, as well as how to design a…show more content…
This premise is so important that many companies now use web-based matching systems to help match mentors and protégés (Noe, 2010). Companies can also utilize software to also build development plans, set goals and track the mentors and protégés progress. Wyndham’s hotel chain found that their mentorship program participation tripled once they introduced the web-based matching system (Noe, 2010). Coaching, normally utilized at the managerial level, provides employees with resources that they might not normally have access to, such as mentors, courses and job experiences (Noe, 2010). It is imperative that the right coaches are selected for these developmental programs. The best coaches are those that are empathetic, supportive, practical, and self-confident while appearing to not know it all or want to tell others what to do (Noe, 2010). By providing coaching to new managers, it teaches them how to deal with a variety of situations in the workplace while maintaining professionalism and the corporate goals. In conclusion, while conducting this review, I found that this chapter offered many tools that can be utilized to develop an effective training plan. While any form of employee development is beneficial, mentoring and coaching have proven to be very effective. By offering these volunteer programs, it allows all parties involved, the mentor,

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