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You are to answer the following questions:
1 – What is your definition of leadership after completing this course? I believe that my general view of leadership has not changed over this course, however, before I had a very vague concept of what leaders do and how they act but not an in-depth perspective of the exact characteristics that they possess and how they use them to better themselves as well as their followers. Through this course I have been able to see how different people view leadership and the strengths and ethics that people feel are essential for the people to be successful leaders. This course has been very beneficial for me as a leader for several
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2 – For this section, you are to set a specific leadership goal for yourself in the next 12 months. This could be a position of leadership, a leadership role, or a leadership initiative you want to undertake. It can be in any context—your work, community, student organization, sports team, etc. As I have grown older I have been placed in several leadership positions that I have truly enjoyed and grown from in many personal perspectives. I have experienced leadership in several perspectives such as a high school football varsity team leader, supervisor for a café, trainer for a private plane company and most recently a resident assistant. However, the most important leadership role I have been a part of that will most drastically effect my life and career is the Army Reserve Officer Training Corp program. Through this program students can become contracted and placed on scholarship to pay the full tuition as well as other stipends. With this contract comes a guaranteed job after college which is extremely valuable in modern society with high unemployment and low job security. In order to be contracted, a cadet must go through a wide arrange of adversity to prove that they will make an outstanding Army officer after graduation and being commissioned. The ROTC program is primarily cadet run with juniors and seniors planning and conducting training and drills to best promote the success of the lower classmen as they progress

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