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Abstract The report aims at defining HRIS at the first instance and then approaches the definitions from a critical viewpoint. There are various theories and research work of scholars that are available on the subject. The report analyses all the benefits and the challenges that are related to HRIS. The report adopts the case study approach to prove the points and uses eight different case studies of companies that operate in different industries. It could be found that the benefits that are provided by HRIS do not only work for the HR department but also works for all the processes and the organisations. For the analysis of benefits of HRIS, the report takes the example of NAlCO, Achmea, Nestle and Hills International and ascertains…show more content…
S-o the entire system consist of three steps that is data input, data management and data output. Here data management includes data analysis, data recording and data providing at the right place at the right time. Source: (Florida International University, n.d.) Literature Review The HRIS is not just an IT tool in the hands of the organisation to help them manage their databases that relate to HR. This is much more than just a database management system. It allows the user by a means to utilise the data. This information system assists and helps the HR management department to perform the tasks and the processes in a better way. As pointed out by Trite et al HRIS is used by the people at all levels including the upper level management, the HR professionals, and employees at all the levels, the support staffs and the top executives and the directors. This can be used as management information system which would act as a tool for the management. Benefits of HRIS As pointed out by Derry, Grant and Wilber (2006) HR is always been considered as a process which would only aid the transaction process but with the help of HRIS, the management immediately can change the focus to strategic HRM. It is most definitely becoming the strategic partner of the system of HR that is followed in the organisation. The reasons for this and the benefits that are associated with HRIS are * The information processing is faster as all the systems are automated and are

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