Hris Implementation

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1.1 Reason for Implementation

This document details the reason for implementation of a complete payroll and HR system and the benefits this IT system will bring to the HR department.

In this document it will also outline the implementation of the HR/Payroll system and project implementation that will comprise.

1.2 HRIS systems enable HR to drive business performance

Pressures to meet customer and stakeholder requirements have made accurate measurement a necessity in order to demonstrate value. HRIS can do the basics brilliantly in terms of improving the efficiency of HR processes. But well implemented systems have the potential to drive business performance, as well as providing effective
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Whilst technology can improve established practices, help reduce man hours and enhance efficiency it is important that it links to overall business objectives and the data stored of capable to producing that information to our customers.

3.3 Understanding Our Requirement Once we understood our current state, we were able to look at our actual requirement of the system and produce the tender document, we needed the system to integrate with our payroll system, to reduce duplication work and reduce administrative burden.

16 ADP

ADP freedom is a unique web-native service alternative which combines HR technology with variable levels of payroll service. Unlike in-house software or conventional outsource options, where cost or control are often sacrificed, ADP freedom delivers you control, by giving you 24/7 access to payroll and HR information and through such, ADP will undertake any level of payroll service you require which helps free your resources to concentrate on prime responsibilities and achieve company-wide engagement.

3.5 Operational advantages and business benefits associated with using ADP freedom.

Operational Advantages ▪ Easy to access and easy to use ▪ Greater efficiency and accuracy ▪ Supporting business decisions ▪ No Internal IT dependency

18 Supporting business decisions

Whilst sophisticated
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