Hrm 300 Final Exam Essay

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300 Final E
HRM 300: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
Facilitator: Jennifer Hart

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1. Employee involvement is increased when managers make clear, forceful decisions for subordinates. a. True b. False

2. Recent corporate scandals have created a lack of trust for management. a. True b. False

3. Elizabeth is the training manager of a Chicago-based company. She is working on a training program for a subsidiary in Venezuela. The training program focuses on work-related
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Quality programs create steeper hierarchies with fewer workers at the lower levels. d. Organizations are no longer global. e. Big business is vanishing.

6. Ethics refers to: a. a set of rules or principles that defines what is legal and what is illegal. b. a set of rules or principles that defines right and wrong conduct. c. a situation in which decisions are made based on religious rules or principles d. a situation in which individuals make decisions based primarily on their best interest. e. a situation in which individuals act make decisions based primarily on the best interest of the most economically disadvantaged individuals 7. Good HRM must primarily represent and advocate for the company’s employees. a. True b. False

8. The goal of recruiting is to give enough information about the job to attract a large number of qualified applicants and simultaneously discourage unqualified candidates from applying. a. True b. False

9. The primary functions of management are

a. planning, organizing, adapting, and measuring b. planning, organizing, leading, and adapting c. planning, organizing, leading, and controlling d. planning, leading, controlling, and adapting e. planning, leading, adapting, and improvising

10. Which of the following is not true regarding changes the U.S. workplace over the last
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