Hrm 300 Week 1 Essay

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Human Resource Management Overview Introduction
Human resource management (HRM) has evolved into a huge industry in the business arena. The evolution and advancement of technology has created a global platform for HRM. The effect of globalization in many organizations has opened the door for HRM, and it is a crucial component for a successful business strategy and plan. This paper will define HRM, and discuss HRM’s primary function and role in an organization’s strategic plan. What is human resource management?
“HRM is comprised of the staffing, development, motivation, and maintenance functions. Each of these functions however is affected by external
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The contract on which I work at the U.S. White House consist of several constructions projects that Some people have to wear steal toe boots, safety glasses and ear plugs in order to prevent possible injuries. This is mandated in areas that could be hazardous. What is the primary function of HRM?
The primary function of HRM has changed drastically because of Federal and State laws, new requirements with employment practices, and involves hiring the right people. Because of the changing technology the primary function of HRM is recruiting people with higher skill sets. Organizations now need people with higher level degrees and certifications in the computer field. The reason for this mandate is because information systems are becoming more complex and ever changing. New recruits must be trained on new software programs. Employees have to be able to adapt and be critical thinkers in order to stay up-to-speed. In addition, employees have to be trained and specialize in various fields. What is the role of the HRM in an organization’s strategic plan?
HRM has various roles in an organization’s strategic plan. ” HRM must therefore balance two primary responsibilities: assisting the organization in it strategic direction and representing and advocating for the organization’s employees” (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2007, p.34). HRM has a vital role in
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