Hrm 300 Week 9 Final Paper

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1. CMA survived the 2008 economic downturn
2. CMA is currently focusing upon work designs, motivation and conflict resolution processes along with companywide culture understanding as it impacts the organization
3. CMA has continuously worked to rebuild the organization since 2012
Problems within CMA:
1. The company is divided into product divisions with each division focused on specific product and seen as operating in silos
2. Some employees resisted the change which happened during the prior restructure where management was downsized
3. Some responsibilities which originally fell upon management were shifted to line employees which was not received in a favorable manner
4. CMA has four functional departments with their own individual VP (observation not an issue)
a. R&D
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Survey employees on possible issues and changeable areas
5. Develop periodic survey and assessment process
6. Suggest how to improve organization structure for all department
7. Suggest the development of a management training program
8. Discuss with management how different leadership styles may interfere with moral and create confusion
9. Example: Assignees feel they cannot communicate with management regarding process and system improvement
10. Need to develop communications channels for suggestions and ideas along with feedback regarding employee’s goals
11. Eliminate silos between departments by engaging managers and developing manager retreats to discuss organization issues and develop a positive environment
12. Leadership become more understanding of their role in regards to attrition
13. ID shared values, beliefs and create balance of power (through well documented and communicated behavior standards and guidelines) along with development of open communications lanes
14. Clearly document organizational goal then linking specific department goals on down to individual contributors.
15. Development of a comprehensive rewards and bonus program with link to the organizational
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