Hrm 312 : Spring 2017

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Ahmani Nkwodimmah HRM 312 – Spring 2017 Wilmington University Information Technology has grown in popularity and has advanced over the years. Information Technology is used in a wide number of different fields, one of which includes Human Resource Management. As of 2017, all the information we’ve ever needed or wanted to know can be searched and found online. With all of this information at our fingertips, we as a society have become more advanced. However, Information Technology has its opportunities and challenges. The opportunities of Information Technology include: having the access to various jobs portals and job boards, communication is made easier, and decision making is made easier. The challenges of Information…show more content…
Human Resource professionals can send out mass emails to current staff regarding changes in policies, insurance plans, and internal job opportunities. Without technology in general, communication in the business world would still be pretty much manual. Human Resource professionals can also send emails to those who are not employed with the company, or current applicants. The emails can contain information regarding documents needed in order to further the hiring process or information regarding setting up an interview. Speaking of interview, Human Resource professionals or upper level managers can hold interviews via a webcam. This gives the hiring company an advantage because, simply clicking a button, numerous candidates can submit their recorded video responses and the recruiting staff can easily access the responses. This reduces the time HR or recruiters need to invest in conducting the interview (Morgan, 2016). Video interviews are also beneficial to applicants who are working and cannot take time off to attend a physical interview. The applicant can record the video at any time (usually 24 to 48 hours from the time the email was sent). Lastly, Information Technology makes it easier for employers and perspective employees to retrieve data or other forms of information in real time. Employers can check the current status of employees or the current success level of each department, without physically being in the office. This has been made possible due to

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