Hrm/326 Employee Development Essay

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HRM/326 Employee Development Training is an important aspect of all organizations. Although an individual brings to the organization a specific set of skills and knowledge, it is important that these individuals be consistently developed to ensure growth of the employee and the organization. A method to ensure that training programs are successful and are meeting objectives is to conduct assessments. Assessments can help managers and the organization better understand their employees and who can be developed. In addition, it is a way to find out who cannot be developed and may no longer fit with the organization. Importance of Assessments Assessments are important to employee development because they measure the employees’ job…show more content…
Effectiveness of Assessments If employee assessments are completed thoroughly and correctly it alone can be effective enough to develop employees. The assessment will help managers understand how the employee fits in with their job, co-workers and the organization. It gives managers the tools to effectively interact with and coach a specific employee. The assessment will provide the manager with strategies that can motivate the employee that will increase job satisfaction and productivity. It will also reveal the areas that are affecting the workplace in a negative way. Each employee is different and their reasons for accomplishing the task of their job can be unique to each person. Providing managers with the tools they need to address the individual needs of their employees will help managers motivate their staff and enable them to work well as a team. Keeping employees engaged and motivated is the key to a successful, highly productive workforce. Coaching If managers obtain the skills necessary to coach their staff the coaching can translate to increased employee development in a more effective way. According to Frankovelgia (2010) “Coaching focuses on helping another person learn in ways that let him or her keep growing afterward.” The purpose of coaching an employee is so they can achieve work related goals by broadening their thinking, increase their effectiveness and
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