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Assignment 3: Dismissal Meeting Imagine that you are an office manager and you have been tasked with the job of coordinating and heading the dismissal meeting for an employee layoff. Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you: 1. Propose three (3) ways that a manager can cope with any negative emotions that may accompany an employee layoff. 2. Describe a step-by-step process of conducting the dismissal meeting. 3. Determine the compensation that the fictitious company may provide to the separated employee. 4. Using Microsoft Word or an equivalent such as OpenOffice, create a chart that depicts the timeline of the disbursement of the compensation. 5. Predict three (3) ways that this layoff may affect the…show more content…
Three strategies which can be implemented within the communication process include speaking to the employee in a private place, recognizing the employee’s contribution to the company, and prepare yourself (as the manager) for any anxiety or emotions which may arise from either yourself or the employee. According to Berkley (2012), and employee may show any of the following reactions during the meeting: * Shock/silence * Depression * Negative attitude toward work * Increased accidents * Loss of Productivity * Grief In addition, managers or supervisors may find it difficult to perform the layoff and experience any of the following: * Shock * Anger * Frustration * Insecurity * Resistance to Change * Depression Strategies for preparation and recovery include (Par. 5): * Be knowledgeable about the layoff process and available resources * Understand the employee's perspective * Handle your own anxiety by preparing yourself * Talk to other supervisors or managers who have had similar experiences * Maintain open communication * Don't downplay or discredit the employee's concern * Allow the employee to express how s/he feels Step-by-Step Process of Conducting the Dismissal Meeting The dismissal meeting can be a very daunting task, but a step-by-step process will allow

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