Hrm 531 Communication Plan

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Communication Plan
Using the indirect and direct communication approach towards downsizing of the business, has allowed the establishment of the following communication plan, for management to notify employees of job role terminations, due to a financial hardship.

Advanced communication statement

A formal notification document, distributed from the Manager, by the way of an email to all employees of the business, is to distil an honest and concise rationale for the need of restructuring, and for the layoff of some staff to occur. This document will consist of the detailed reasoning, and include the history behind the current restructure. Also included will be the business vision, goals & objectives, and the outlook towards redevelopment and future growth. It provides an explanation on, how all efforts to prevent staff reduction were exhausted, and shows a positive perspective for the remaining staff to value. There is a statement included, of the time for the anticipated changes to occur, and notification of the resources made available to the affected staff for implementing support. Furthermore provided, are contact details for any staff queries and for more information as required.

A preparation meeting conducts next,
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The Manager, with the intended plausible responses or answers, documents a preparation list for anticipated questions from the employees, regarding their status and future. In addition, details are prepared for discussions on support services provided by the business. These include, from the company Human Resources, assistances on Resumes and Interview techniques, recruitment contact details, and further recommendations for the employees to
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