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Team Reflection: Principles and Strategies HRM/531 July 15, 2013 Tiffany Mytty-Klein Team Reflection: Principles and Strategies Principles and strategies that applies for a small, medium and large organization is what Team A had to discuss this week for each of our chosen business to be compliant with state and country laws while starting their businesses or expanding to a new state or country. We collectively analyzed three businesses that were exploring different possibilities for expanding operation in Texas, Arizona and India, however, none of us chose to write about the expansion to India project in our individual papers. Each business will decide the strategic plan that is appropriate for their business however; it was each…show more content…
Effective January 1, 2013, Arizona’s minimum wage is $7.80 per hour. Every employer covered under the Act is now required to pay each employee wages not less than this amount (Arizona's Official Web Site, 1987). The Federal minimum wage is $7.25 (United States Department Of Labor, 2013). The consequences of noncompliance of this law is according to Arizona’s Official Web Site (1987), “an employer who fails to pay the minimum wage is required to the pay the employee the wages owed with interest and an additional amount equal to twice the underpaid wages. An employer who retaliates against an employee is required to pay penalties sufficient to compensate the employee and deter future violations, but not less than $150 for each day that the violation continued or until legal judgment is final. The Commission and courts also have the authority to order other appropriate legal or equitable relief for violations of the Act.” Be aware of any special regulation must be part of the training process for the Human Resource staff in the Arizona State. Landslide Limousines would be most impacted by the Fair Labor Standards Act, EEOC related laws, and OSHA related laws. The most helpful resources she found for the Landslide Limousines was the Department of Labor, the Texas Workforce Commission, and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission websites. Through her research she found that Texas follows mainly Federal Law because it does not have any more

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