Hrm 531 Final Exam Essay

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1) Distrust, disrespect, and animosity pertain to which component of indirect costs associated with mismanaged organizational stress? A. Quality of work relations pg 44 B. Participation and membership C. Performance on the job D. Communication breakdowns 2) Inventory shrinkages and accidents pertain to which component of direct costs associated with mismanaged organizational stress? A. Employee conflict B. Performance on the job pg 44 C. Loss of vitality D. Communication breakdowns 3) Thousands of equal-pay lawsuits have been filed, predominantly by ___________ since the Equal Pay Act of 1963 was passed A. women pg 80 B. African Americans C. the elderly D. Americans with disabilities…show more content…
A. Individual B. Operations C. Demographic pg 295 D. Organization 17) Providing adequate resources to get a job done right and on time, and paying careful attention to selecting employees, are parts of A. employee welfare B. grievance management C. performance appraisal D. performance facilitation pg 332 18) This can be thought of as a compass that indicates a person's actual direction as well as a person's desired direction. A. Management by objectives B. Forced distribution C. Central tendency D. Performance management pg 363 19) What would you call a meeting that is typically done once a year to identify and discuss job-relevant strengths and weaknesses of individuals or work teams? A. performance appraisal p363 B. performance facilitation C. performance encouragement D. performance standard 20) When managing careers, what should organizations do? A. Plan for shorter employment relationships B. Focus primarily on employee needs and aspirations C. Allow employees to structure work assignments D. Focus on and recognize career stages that employees go through pg 393 Career paths represent logical and possible sequences of positions that could be held, based on an analysis of what people actually do in an organization. 91 Career paths should 21) A sequence of positions occupied by a
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