Hrm 531 Week 2 Double Check

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"Hi Rannie, I'm analyzing the log files and noticed entry 14 was negative 42. Can you confirm if this is accurate?" "I see that our April 2003 revenue was 1.2 million dollars. Can you double check that this figure is accurate?" "I am going to meet with the CFO in an hour. Can you look through this report and double check my findings? It should only take you 20 minutes or so." Telling person you will call them back If you receive a question from a client or customer that you do not know, you can either tell them that you will find the answer for them, or tell them to call someone else. Let's learn how to do these things professionally. "I don't have the answer right off hand. I'll need to find that information for you. Will it be ok if I call you back in about 30 minutes?"…show more content…
I have some questions on your Platinum level business package. Can you redirect me to someone who can help?" Leaving Messages When you call someone and they are not there, you have to leave a message on their voice mail. Remember to state your name, your company, and what the phone call is regarding. Then leave your phone number even though you think they have it. "Hi Monica, this is James from ABC Company. I have some questions regarding the financial data you sent me yesterday. Can you give me a call back when you have time? My number is 595-123-4567. Thank you." "Hi James, this is Julia from Consult R Company. I am missing a couple pages on the document you sent me. Can you call me when you are free? My number again is 595-321-7654. Thank you." In some cases, you will receive a phone message like this. If you have to call them back and they are not there also, you can leave a message saying, you are returning their call. Here is an
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