Hrm 531 Week 2 Final Advice

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First piece of advice I would offer would be to calm down and let’s make a rational decision. How long as the problem been occurring and are there any plans of action to improve the employee? If not, then I would suggest a warning or correction needs to take place. In some cases, a verbal counseling might be the better way to go. This is a great way to talk about, attendance, communication and other behavioral issues. It appears that it could be an emotional feeling that management is feeling, because of the statement that was made about the employee. It is important for that proper documentation is provided and is there any chances that the employee is salvageable. Often time, there can be training implemented that allows management to correct the problem without termination taking place.…show more content…
Even if you don’t have anything formalized, one should have a strong understanding of the functions and responsibilities of each role on your team. It is important that management gives the tool and the employee should also know what it takes for employees to be successful in each role. Sometime people rudeness and lack of good customer service is from a lack of teaching and training. My final advice as HR manger would be, when it comes to poor performance or violations of company policy, a conversation is not enough. Make sure any issues should be in writing and acknowledged by the employee. Although you can do this by email, I recommend a written memo that is signed by the employee and placed in their personnel
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