Hrm 531 Week 3 Essay

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Waits and Sons is a landscaping business operating as a family business since 2007 (Waits, 2012). Matt Waits has been the contracted landscaper for the residence at 411 N Wayman Street for the past three years. In a recent interview, Waits answered the following questions: • How and when would you determine the need to create a job position within your business? As contracts are signed and the demands for more maintenance visits grow, we will be looking to fill new positions. In fact, we are currently looking to hire a couple more employees. A lot of our new contracts are brought to use through word-of-mouth by our own clients. It is their neighbors or friends and family, who might live nearby. • What strategy would use to…show more content…
Candidate must have a working knowledge of operating power tools, laying sod, mowing lawns, trimming, fertilizing, installing sprinklers, and working concrete. (Waits, 2012) Interview conducted on Thursday, December 20, 2012. Landscapers Job Description Landscapers are responsible for maintaining the grounds landscaped by using modern power equipment as well as traditional handheld tools. Employees in this family business perform a series of tasks and can include a mixture of the following: mowing, planting, laying sod, fertilizing, watering, raking, digging, installing sprinkler systems, repairing existing sprinklers, and laying concrete borders outlining flower and bush beds. Rationale and Conclusion Waits wanted to make sure the candidate had experience in all areas of the landscaping business (Waits, 2012). As the economy has weakened in recent years and more and more people have been displaced and are looking for new job opportunity, Waits was concerned a lot of applicants would not have the necessary experience (2012). Waits is a family business and it is important to highlight this in the job description to entice employees who seek such an environment. It was also important to list the skills required, as the employee is expected to have experience with each skill. Waits stressed the importance of hiring someone with experience, because the business is growing rapidly and Waits does not have
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