Hrm 531 Week 3 Reaction Paper

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Madison has been working for IFS as an intern for a little over a month. When Madison started, it was apparent that she had little to no marketing experience. However, with some guidance Madison has been able to understand the work assigned to her, displayed the ability to accomplish it effectively and started to grasp what corporate culture truly means. During her first week, Madison appeared apathetic and bored by some of the projects assigned to her. After taking some time to show her how her work is going to impact IFS on a larger scale, she quickly displayed a better work ethic. Since then, Madison has shown her an eager willingness to offer her assistance in several different projects on multiple occasions. Whether it’s offering to…show more content…
For example, with the wall project Madison had some trouble visualizing how it should look and some of the steps needed to complete the project. However, towards the last half of the project Madison took the lead and ended up producing a fantastic final product. I believe the longer she works in a corporate setting she will become more comfortable with the ambiguous types of projects. Overall, Madison has grown since her first week. She fits in well with the team, always has a personable and positive attitude and is punctual. These qualities, make it apparent that Madison has commitment to the success of IFS and our marketing team. I find this to be very admirable of Madison. It would be easy for an intern to show up, do the bare minimum and collect their check. However, she puts her foot forward and completes her projects to the best of her ability and knowledge. Going forward, the two things I would recommend for Madison is get to know the other members of our marketing team better and to also provide us with focus areas where she would like to develop her marketing skills. She has had more interaction with Ellen and myself, however I would like Madison to get a better understanding of what each person does on our
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