Hrm 531 Week 3 Stock Paper

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Over the course of time I have been following the three stocks in the fast food industry. I have been following Starbucks, McDonald and Yum Brands. I have collected information on my stocks and their progress. In my research I have found surprising statistics on the three company stocks I chose. In my paper I will explain how the following companies’ stocks I chose and how they did as well as the reasons their stocks affect their current and future progress. Starbucks shares have gone up and down during the past 3 weeks. “The results, announced after markets closed, sent Starbucks shares down 3.5% in after-hours trading.”(Weise,E) I bought 100 stocks from Starbucks; it first started off at 55.37 and increased to 56.31. I expected for Starbucks performance to be the best, but its stocks are unreliable. Their percentage week change fluctuates. When I initially started doing research on Starbucks the week percentage was at -1.02% and has reach to 2.41%, but later went down to .66%. Their stocks have been unsteady and their weakness is that the prices of their coffee is expensive. “By contrast, a year of drinking at Starbucks, based on two $2 cups a day, will run more than $1,400--not including any snacks…show more content…
Their profits have increased over the three week time. Their percentage change has increased to 2.7%. I bought 150 Yum Brands stock and the stock price has increase over the past 3 weeks. Yum Brands stock price started at 89.8 and they have gone up to 91.25. Some of Yum Brands competitors are Wendy’s, Bojangles, and McDonald. I believe Yum Brands stocks will increase over the period of time. Yum brand has sold 460 million stake to china that means that their sales can go up because they are expanding their company to different countries. They are going to be able to buy their share with an 8% discount. “The two investors could own between 4% and 6% combined of Yum China, depending on how the shares
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