Hrm 531 Week 6 Reaction Paper

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We are a very responsive to each other's needs and request. We always make multiples plans to make sure that we have a cohesive message. We check to make sure everything is agreed upon before we make a final decision. We really take each other's thoughts into consideration.The alumnae on the board are also very responsive to what the collegians suggest because we are the ones utilizing the facility and the collegians listen to what the alumnae recommend because they have experience.

All the problem solving within the facility is done as team. We make no individual decisions and we make sure everyone has a voice. As an AHC board, we communicate the most through email and we have meetings every few weeks. We are always in constant contact. Currently we are starting a project on the exterior portion of our
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We ever we are making changes to the facility, we make sure the chapter is aware of these changes and we allow them to opening voice their opinions. We also have housing meetings when ever we see a consistent problem or have exciting news to share with the members living in the facility. We do not have committees directly related to the facility, but we make sure everyone has voice. Over the last semester, we have implemented sending out surveys to the members living in to see what they like and dislike.

AHC and our housing director, Barbra have a great relationship. Since our housing director plays a large role in maintaining our chapter facilities and helps keep the women living in happy, AHC and myself are in constant contact with Barbra. We value Barbra's opinion as an AHC board and we love working with her. Barbra has made numerous positive changes within our facility and within our chapter. Without Barbra, there are a lot of things we would not be able to do. The AHC and the chapter value Barbra's role and we are thankful to have her as part of our
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