Hrm 531 Week 7 Checkpoint

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Current Situation
Our company needs to be installing a latest and advanced ERP system which makes us fully utilizing the business resources in the most efficient manner. Currently, the existing information system does not provide the full, accurate and reliable information from one department to another, neither it’s a cross-platform for information sharing(Columbus, 2014). A less-efficient information system is contributing into increasing cost of production for the business and overall reducing the business efficiency. The inventory turnover is increasing over the time period and so the productivity of staff unable to work at their optimum level. The current information system does not cover the whole business process and rather employees are engaged in manual data recording and preparing the documents to back the data.
This is a high time when we need to take the corrective actions against the issue which emerged as the challenging one and challenging the
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First of all, we have lower ratio of “Return on Assets” comparing to the industry average which is due to the less operational efficiency we achieve and under-utilizing the business assets. Once the latest ERP information system is installed and fully implemented, it would increase the ratio of Return on Assets and also improving the staff productivity(Musaji, 2013). Organization can take the more out of its human and technological resources for benefiting the business and achieving the market growth. It will also contribute indirectly into increasing the business profits and revenues. When staff productivity enhances within the limited period and also the operational efficiency which mean business expenditures decreases and profits increases. The efficient usage of business information will be leading into making critical decision at right time and take the market opportunities sooner than competitors(Columbus,
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