Hrm 534 Course Project Proposal

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Science Application International Corporation (SAIC) is the organization I work for. It is a service based company that provides its expertise to the Department of Defense and the Federal Government as well as other smaller organizations. I’ve been approved to work remotely and have been actively doing it for over five years. My proposal for SAIC is to expand the ability to work remotely to a larger group of employees.
Some reasons to expand remote work includes; saving time, saving money, and reducing resources usage. Employees will have a better work/life balance, have improved productivity, and have the flexibility to schedule work around personal needs. These employee improvements will lead to less stress, better creativity, and higher performance, and better job satisfaction. Allowing more employees to work from home can prevent a future need to expand to larger office spaces.
A force field analysis was used to help decide in favor of the intervention showing the driving forces outweigh the restraining forces. A SWOT analysis was used to identify the organizations strengths and weaknesses as well as its external
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Awareness will be created by promoting the change on the intranet that is accessible by all employees. To provide the Desire, we will articulate what the change is and how it will impact each employee. Knowledge of the documentation necessary to work from home is provided with the company documentation as well as a link from the intranet article. The Ability to make the change is fairly easy, but there will need to be some skills developed to keep the work from home person on track with their tasks as well as demonstrate ways to keep in touch with co-workers. Reinforcement will come in the accountability for working from home as well as demonstrating that working from home provides no negative consequences to the employee’s ability to perform their job
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