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MEMORANDUM To: Pat Spencer From: Date: April 6, 2013 Subject: Cost Club Human Resources Info. CC: Cost Club Atlanta District Managers Here is the information requested in concerns to the potential HR issues within the region. I have addressed each individually and outlined below the potential risks and suggestions to minimize future risks. Message 1: In regards to the situation at our Anderson location where the GM terminated two employees without providing a reason for discharge, the company may be at risk for a wrongful termination discharge lawsuit. The risk will increase if the GM is not able to provide sufficient documentation or other evidence of the appropriate reason for his decision. The GM choose to exercise…show more content…
The employee offered to come to the home and set up the television for a fee to be paid to him. Thus relieving Cost Club from any liabilities. 3. In this situation the agent acted without authority. While Cost Club may be liable, the agent is then liable to Cost Club as he failed to receive authorization from us when he made the decision to enter into the contract. The agent is responsible for any damages if this contract is unable to be terminated. Message 4: It is not uncommon for an employee to be in disagreement with an employer’s decision to terminate employment. An alternative we may try is to set up a meeting of the workers peers and give them the facts of the situation and let them decide if the termination was wrongful. The group of peers would be persons from a location other than the employees own. These individuals would hear the facts of the case from both the businesses’ and the employees. In order to qualify the termination would need to meet certain criteria. It would be required to be an established company guideline or process for which the employee was terminated and store leadership must be able to present all documentation that lead to the termination. This would require leadership to have followed the processes leading to termination. For the employee it would let them have a voice in their termination and to hear whether their peers agree with the employer or the employee.
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