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Athena Giokaris HRM587 Week 6 Communicating the Change The Target Corporation has undergone many changes due to the 2013 security breach where hackers stole personal information from credit and debit cards of at least 70 million customers. Target sales and reputation has dropped from this instance, thus eliciting changes in their security systems, changes in management, and a few policy changes in handling customer information. With the public eye on the corporation’s handling of the situation, Target has been communicating these changes through various means. The changes they needed to communicate were informing customers of the security breach, addressing the bad press coverage to shareholders, downsizing of employees, and…show more content…
In a public statement regarding employee downsizing, they stated: "Target continually assesses our operating model to ensure we are well-positioned to adapt to changing business needs. ... We believe these decisions, while difficult, are the right actions as we continue to focus on transforming our business. We will continue to invest in key business areas to strengthen our ability to compete and thrive well into the future," Hammerand et al., 2014). Although they also stated that the downsizing is in no way a result from the data breach, it can be considered an indirect result of transforming the business, which was a result of the breach. It is known that Target informed their employees of the downsizing pursuant to media publicity, however it does not state which form of communication was used. I have created a sample e-mail notification to employees regarding this issue (See Target Downsizing Email). The statement above was my inspiration, as it describes the corporation’s views on the issue, although vaguely. I would have explained in more detail the reasons and steps taken for the layoffs so that the employees can understand the rationale behind the move. Another stakeholder within the Target Corporation is its shareholders. They, too, have been affected by the security breach, in that the press coverage
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