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I never understood NFL free agency. It seems as though, it is a way for an athlete to make as much money as they possibly can over the length of their career. It is a way for teams to sign players whose contracts have expired and are free to play for whomever they choose. These athletes are catered to, flown everywhere just for the possibility of them signing with their team. But, sometimes, teams have to cut players that have helped them win over the years. As a football fan, in most cases, I enjoy free agency because this is a great chance for my team to collect players to improve their roster and give them a better chance to win. Actually, being a football coach for a local rec league team in Norfolk, it makes me wonder why it is…show more content…
The team is a member of the AFC North Division and current defending champions of the National Football League. The team originated in 1996 when then-owner of the Cleveland Browns, Art Modell, relocated the franchise to Baltimore. The franchise was renamed and legally treated as a new entity (or expansion team) upon moving to Baltimore. The team's name was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's poem The Raven, as Poe who lived for a time in Baltimore, died and was buried there in 1849. The Ravens have experienced great success in their brief history, making the playoffs nine times since 2000, with two Super Bowl victories (2000 and 2012), two AFC Championship titles (2000 and 2012), four AFC North division titles (2003, 2006, 2011 and 2012), and are currently the only team in the NFL to hold a perfect record in multiple Super Bowl appearances. Then you have the Jets. The Jets have a long and illustrious history, team began in 1959 with the founding of the Titans of New York, an original member of the American Football League (AFL). The team had little success in its early years. After playing three seasons at the Polo Grounds, the team changed its name to the Jets, and moved into newly built Shea Stadium in 1964. In January 1965, the Jets signed University of Alabama quarterback Joe Namath to a then-record contract. The team showed gradual improvement in the late 1960s, posting its first winning record in 1967 and winning
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