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Disney: Diagnosing the Change HRM-587 Managing Organizational Change August 3rd, 2014 Introduction: Choosing a Diagnostic Model The diagnostic model I have chosen to discuss to analyze Disney and several of the companies acquired throughout the years such as Pixar, Marvel, and LucasFilm’s LTD for this assignment is the 7-S Framework model. I will also briefly discuss the many changes that Disney has implemented to improve the customer viewing as well as interactive experiences at their many new, current theme parks, and vacation destinations throughout the world. The 7-S model developed by McKinsey and Company consultants Robert Waterman Jr., Tom Peters, and Julien Phillips (Palmer, Dunford, Akin, 2009). The 7-S model may be used…show more content…
The staff and skills that they bring is why Disney has become so successful along with the leadership, because no company is successful on its own. It is not one man but it is a collective effort that allows for success. However, there needs to be a good leader to acquire the appropriate staff with the right skill level to ensure greatness. According to a recent article in the New York Times, the article written by Barnes (2013) stated, “Disney employs about 166,000 people worldwide”. Last but not least, is the need for the company to have clear goals to determine where they see the company going in the future. There needs to be vision, a kind of foresight to foresee barriers to the changes being planned and that can be accomplished through the collective efforts and brainstorming of all the top level management as well as staff. Since I believe good ideas can come from the bottom up as well as from the top. Bob Iger clearly has goals to increase Disney’s influence in the global market after success meeting with Shanghai government officials Disney will be opening a theme park in China. Disney is a well-established conglomerate that has dominated the theme park and entertainment industry. As well as has recently opened up a hotel/resort in Hawaii, added a fleet of cruise ships to their arsenal many years back. Although Walt Disney laid the foundation for his successor, I wonder if he ever imagined this company he started in 1923 would

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