Hrm 590 Compendstion Decisions Essay

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HRM590: Compensation Decisions Your job now is to pull together all the information you’ve completed so far in class and make salary decisions for your team. You have completed Cathy’s evaluation and received assignment feedback. This is the first year that you’ve made salary decisions for this team. Be sure to carefully review the information provided. You may simply type in the cells as the text will automatically wrap. You are required to: 1. Enter Cathy’s appraisal rating (she is last on the list); 2. Within your budget dollars, make your salary decisions based on performance for your team taking into consideration their Salary Grade and the Pay Ranges identified for the Salary Grades (fill in the Salary Decision…show more content…
Even though he has not worked with us for too long, we were able to give him at 4 rating which shows that he| |is doing exceptional job in his position. Normally, employees with ratings of 4 would earn a 5% salary raise, but since Calvin has only worked for us for 9mths, we pro-rated his bonus and percentage to 3.75%. | |Jane is a 32YO white female with 12 years’ service. Jane joined the company as an A3. Her work is |A3 |$19,100 |86.8% |3 |3% |400 | |satisfactory, nothing to brag about, but she’s been with the company awhile and can be dependable. | | | | |$573 | | |Substantiation and Risk Analysis: Jane does get her job done but has not shown any more exceptional work. She is reliable and dependable in her work and there has been no complaints or issues. She earned a 3 rating| |which is average; this gave her a 3% raise and a small bonus. | |Beth is a 64YO Asian female with 41 years’ service. Beth stated she would probably retire this year, |A3 |$19,700

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