Hrm 590 Week 8 Final Exam (Version 1)

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HRM 590 Week 8 Final Exam (Version 1)

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1. (TCO A) Many people still believe that companies care little about human resource management compared to other revenue-generating departments. Explain why companies have this perception. Describe how you would convince the company's leadership of the value of HRM. (Points: 30)
2. (TCO B) If an employer asked you to review an employment decision to determine whether discrimination had occurred, identify the factors you would consider in that decision and describe how you would evaluate them. (Points: 30)
3. (TCO C) Many believe that good pay and good management result in union avoidance.
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(TCO F) The Emotional Intelligence domains and associated competencies are used to help us determine when a potential change agent, or person, is ready for leadership. When a person exhibits the competencies of integrity, initiative, and optimism, we know he or she has reached the stage of (Points : 7)
8. (TCO G) One day, while on the company elevator, the head of HR is talking to the CEO and doesn’t realize his speaker phone is on when the CEO asks, “Do you think that we can afford to keep the downtown branch of the company open? Or is it time to think about across-the-board layoffs?” The HR head frowns, turns off the speaker and replies, “I’ll call you later” and hangs up. Four employees from the downtown branch are on the elevator and hear this comment. The HR head tells the four employees (whose names he does not know), “Say nothing about this. You heard nothing.” They immediately rush to their cubicles and begin spreading the word. The gossip has hit the entire department and local news agencies by the 6:00 news that night. The CEO is featured saying, “This is nothing but a rumor at this point. We have no current plan to lay off anyone.” This is an example of what type of communication plan on the part of the CEO? (Points : 7)
9. (TCO G) Toxic handlers, as related to change management communication, do the following: (Points : 7)
10. (TCO H) A sign that a change is “sustained” could be seen as (Points : 7)
11. (TCOs G,H) Review this story and pick the
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