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Employees are indispensible to an organization. Personnel management, now known as human resource management (HRM), ensures that an organization produces maximum output with the greatest efficiency. The role of HRM covers selecting and hiring the right employee, training and retaining talent, wage dispensation to maintaining employee relations (Nankervis et al, 2011). In this essay, we will be looking into a case study of HRM in Brunei and will cover three topics. Firstly we explore how culture affects the way a country runs its economy, its legal and political system, and how they adapt to technology. Next, we discuss how HRM allows individual employees to acclimatize themselves to technical differences in an organization.
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Human rights legislation is crucial as it protects employees from discrimination. It guarantees equality treatment for the people regardless of well-known characteristics that involved stereotyping or biasness in relation to employment. In Krama & Syed (2012), some interviewees felt that favoritism is still the pivotal point of recruitment, particularly in the government sector. Some interviewees suggested that cohesive social relationships in Brunei society had influence on work connection in the workplace. Although the impact was moderated by the HRM practices, particularly in employment, there is a strong need for Human Rights Legislation to be firmly enforced in Brunei in order to create inclusive workplaces that are more diverse and respectful. (can we link this to how hrm enables individual employees to adjust themselves to technical changes?)

Krama & Syed (2012) stated that staff not in managerial roles was not familiar with the availability of the General Order (GO) and State Circulars (SC) as the regulations were poorly imposed. To improve the situation, HR policies must be enforced and properly implemented. Communication of policies horizontally and vertically is important. All new and existing staff could be issued an employee handbook that clearly defines an organization’s values, expectations and standard operating procedures (SOP). The purpose of the policies should be transparent,

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