Hrm Case Study

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Human Resource Management in Hospitality Operations

A review of the key policies and practices that Little Chef HR department use to achieve service quality

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Human Resource Management This academic work discusses the hard and soft models of Human Resource Management (HRM) based on the Little Chef case study which helped to understand and identify the key policies and practices used by Human Resource to meet the objective of service quality. Human Resource Management is defined as a number of ways to people management, Price (2007). Armstrong (2006) supports this view when he says that the objective of the human resource management is ensuring the organisation’s ability to
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This is a hard model approach in HRM since it implements the policies and systems of business strategy as suggested by Legge (2005). Though ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ was the motto of Little Chef, the customer feedbacks prove that they were not really satisfied of the service given to them. Therefore, the Little Chef HRM decided to recruit the staff very carefully as it is their duty to ensure the quality of the employees since they are the prime resource of competitive advantage, says Beardwell, 2004). This is considered as a good move taken by the HR of Little Chef. According to the soft model, whenever there a need to recruit new staff, the existing employees must be considered for promotion since appraisal by way of promotion is the best tool to encourage the employees to work harder to achieve the objectives of the organisation, says Boella (2006). It helps for the improvement of both the employees and the organisation. Thus, it shows the two extremes of soft model of human resource and hard model of human resource. The soft model is in support of identifying the employees’ talents and their appraisal by promoting them. On the other hand, the hard model is interested in fresh brains and ideas for the easy achievement of the organisation’s objectives, says Beardwell et. al (2004). Thus, it is seen that the notion of empowerment is
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