Hrm Challenges on Diverse Workforce

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Part One Introduction and Background of Human Resources
1. Human Resource Management: A Strategic Function 2. Equal Employment Opportunity: The Legal Environment 3. Implementing Equal Employment Opportunity 4. Job Analysis and Job Design

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Chapter One Human Resource Management: A Strategic Function
Chapter Learning Objectives
After studying this chapter, you should be able to: 1. Define human resource management. 2. Describe the functions of human resource management. 3. Summarize the types of assistance the human resource department provides. 4. Explain the desired relationship between human resource managers and operating managers. 5. Identify several challenges today’s human resource managers currently
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2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Human resource planning, recruitment, and selection. Human resource development. Compensation and benefits. Safety and health. Employee and labor relations. Human resource research.

Table 1.1 identifies many of the activities that comprise each major human resource function. Ensuring that the organization fulfills all of its equal employment opportunity and other government obligations is an activity that overlays all six of the major human resource functions. TABLE 1.1
Activities of the Major Human Resource Functions

Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, and Selection • Conducting job analyses to establish the specific requirements of individual jobs within the organization. • Forecasting the human resource requirements the organization needs to achieve its objectives. • Developing and implementing a plan to meet these requirements. • Recruiting the human resources the organization requires to achieve its objectives. • Selecting and hiring human resources to fill specific jobs within the organization. Human Resource Development • • • • • Orienting and training employees. Designing and implementing management and organizational development programs. Building effective teams within the organizational structure. Designing systems for appraising the performance of individual employees. Assisting employees in developing career plans.

Compensation and
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