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-HR Management -Assignment Syrian Telecom Restructuring… Focus on Downsizing as a Main HR Strategy… why…? and How…? Benefits and Effects… ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Prepared by: 1- Essam Gayad 2- Majed Mourtada 3- Alaa AldIn Jajah MBA6 -HRM Profile Overview It is said that the only thing that is constant in this world is ‘change’. This particular maxim is clearly manifested in the ever-changing business organizations we have today.  Downsizing is an extremely a relevant issue to organizations today. The current tendency of organizations to restructure and ultimately to downsize has a major negative impact on the organizations themselves, on their surviving and…show more content…
 leaving employees will not argue: it looks fair criteria even for the remaining employees.  Productivity of surviving employees has not been affected, because they know why they were not laid off, and they are quite secure with the new conditions. MBA6-HRM Plan Decided by STE for Downsizing: Type: Layoff + Recruitment Freeze Criterion: Seniority However some disadvantages were also noticed:  Loosing star performers: losing employees with deep experience and tacit knowledge,  Loosing organizational memory and endangering long-history company culture,  Many surviving employees have become unhappy, because of overload of work and some of whom even have got to do tasks for which they are not trained well enough.  So, a new cost has been encountered by STE for payment of fees of new training programs for the remaining unqualified employees. MBA6-HRM Alternative Plan: Type: Layoff + New Recruitment Plan Criteria : Combination of performance and Seniority ADVANTAGES:      More innovation: an important source of innovation is recruitment of new people. This plan permits high productivity workers to access better positions and external people to access the firm. More diversity: older employees together with new employees will make a mix of both experience and innovation which. That will decrease risks and costs as well. Avoiding laying off star performers: the company keeps the best performance employees and

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