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Critically evaluate the contributions Human Resource Management can make to the achievement of an organization’s strategic aims and objectives. Illustrate you answer with examples. In today tumultuous times, the challenges that companies face to remain competitive have changed rapidly. With constant new breakthrough in technology, companies fought hard with its competitors to establish and maintain their competitive advantage. However, access to capital & technology has become less critical in today’s economy as compared to acquiring and keeping skilled workers. In a knowledge-based economy, it is important for companies to be more strategic in the way it operates. Human Resource Management today has to be strategic to meet the…show more content…
However, it is also necessary for HRM to employ the right numbers of staffs with the right set of competencies at the right time. For a job that requires technical knowledge, the human resource manager as well as the line manager will have to ensure that they are employing someone with the technical expertise in order for him to do his job well. It can be costly for them to employ the wrong person and to spend money and time to train that person. High skilled jobs, such as welder, scientist and researcher needs a lot of time and money for the person to able to achieve the level of competencies required to do the job well. HR dept as well as the direct managers should also be able to balance the staffing of the people to the jobs available at that moment as well as the industry demand. They should sit together and discuss the annual staff resource planning. Some examples of different employment strategies are as such: Gift companies such as Noel and Far East Flora would consider employing part-time workers to cope with the demand for gift hampers during the festive period such as Christmas, New Year and the Lunar New Year. Mobile shops like M1 and StarHub would normally employ part-time staffs to handle their promotion booths that are set up at various shopping malls at any given time of the year. These part-timers are normally paid a fixed amount on a daily basis or hourly basis with some added incentives or commission. Some

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