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Question 1:
What makes an effective HRM? What skill, competencies and knowledge does he or she require to become a successful manager in the organization of today?
Have you ever wondered why a trading company can grow and stand firm on the market or not? What measures can a company executive agreement and work together with the most? The answer is only essential in human resource management department.
For a company that can develop strong, the board needs to know how to sort and application systems and business managers in each department. HR management is the core department for a company. HR management requires a team of management, who is knowledgeable and extremely experienced excellent, by good management will
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Human resource management has become an indispensable part of most companies worldwide. Human resource management is not only related to the way people are managed but also how people can manage to maximize competitive advantage in the region, the market (Tyson, 1991 p2). Business Strategy is defined as a strategy of a specific business unit (Tyson 2000, p66). Strategic human resource (HR) is a series of policies and programs designed to achieve the goal of managing people (Tyson, 2000 p66). SHRM in a broader terminology is an overall sense of mission and direction, overall assessment of where the company is going and why. This can include the pronunciation of the core values, special abilities and vision of the company. SHRM also focus on the translation complex set of variables and dynamic internal and external, that an organization faces, into a future-oriented framework that can then be done in a day to day basis (Watson, 1999). In the following paragraphs, this study attempts to explain why and how of the various auto companies apply different business and HR strategy. In this study focuses on the works of two authors Porter (1980) have classified the competitive business strategies into three categories: cost leadership, differentiation, and focus, and Schuler and Jackson (1987) trading strategies are classified into three categories: cost reduction, innovation and improving the quality (Huang 1999). Finally, it will try to achieve in a particular place by the

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