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The Question is: How can we create an efficient human resource management system that can help the Hotel Paris achieve its strategic plans and goals? In order to achieve its strategic plans and goals, there are some basic HR strategy processes that Hotel Paris pursue.
First of all I’d like to summarize the hierarchy of links among the hotel’s HR practices, necessary workforce competencies and behaviours, and required organizational outcomes. Than I will draw a simple strategy map for the Hotel Paris. “The Basic HR strategy process is as follows: Management formulates a strategic plan. This plan in turn implies certain
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Such a person should see goals and how these goals will be reached. An effective strategy map shows cause and effect ties between goals and measures.” (Miller, 2010) In HR field, strategy map makes sure the key things you want your team or your organization to get done. You will be able to provide them what is suppose to be done, when is suppose to be done step by step. From the definitions I mentioned above, a good and simple strategy map for the Hotel Paris would be enlarging the percentage of market share, improving loyalty of existing costumers and attracting new ones. Money should not be the first goal. To reach the goals of the hotel, as a result of the strategic map, increasing profitability would be achieved if that plan works. Secondly, I’d like to mention about what kind of important behaviours Hotel Paris’s staff

have to exhibit based on hotel’s stated strategy.
“Many studies suggest that there is a strong link and relationship between human resource management systems, policies/practices and organizational effectiveness through their effects on employee attitudes and behaviors in both service and non-service organizations (Huselid, Beckher, 2000).” As we can see above, the behaviors of employees are one of the most important things for a hotel on the way of reaching its goals. These are four of many important employe behaviors that Hotel Paris’s staff can exhibit: *

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