Hrm Labor Relations Paper

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Being an HR manager in any company requires a lot of carefulness and tact. The HR manager is responsible for hearing out the employees and making sure that the work environment is conducive for them. There are always problem to foresee. For example, when there is talk of unionizing and the HR manager hears about this, something has to be done immediately. This is the case with these four companies. Acme Auto Parts, The Zinnia, School District 273 and Woodville Healthcare are all relatively small companies that seem to be compensating their employees properly. However, there have been talks about unionizing. There are even petitions being signed. As an HR manager, these matters need to be handled appropriately and carefully. Acme Auto…show more content…
The article, The Concession Trap: Auto Worker Givebacks and Labor’s Future, talks about how the UAW failed to get their requests because the Big Three companies has had financial problems. The employees also need to be informed about this. They need to know the background and history of the union that is trying to contact them. I know this is an attempt to form a union because the first step involves initiating an organizing drive. There could be three initiators: one or more employees, a union or an employer. In this particular case, the union is trying to initiate the organization. They are trying to contact employees of Acme Auto Care and are trying to convince them to unionize. These are some the justifications I would use to explain to upper management the importance of immediate action regarding the matter. Similarly, The Zinnia is a 300-room hotel in the central business district of a major Midwestern metropolitan area (Budd 2013). They are a nonunion company. It seems that employees are happy with their wages and benefits. In comparison to the other unionized hotels, The Zinnia employees are compensated fairly. Many of the city’s major hotels are unionized. The local union is not afraid to organize union activity and to loudly vocalize their concerns through marches and demonstrations. Normally, this would not be a concern but I recently received a notice from the NLRB that a petition was filed by the local hotel union requesting an election covering
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