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This report is about human resource management. Betcherman et al. (1994) defined human resource into three aspects: organizational and job design, organizational culture, and personnel policies and techniques as to ensure that the workers full prospective or potential can be achieved.
According to Storey (2001:5) Human Resource management is defined as ‘a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a highly committed and capable workforce, using an integrated array of cultural, structural and personnel techniques.’
Marchington and Wilkinson, (2002) identified through research that people really do make the difference in human resource
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So the club was trying to gain the commitment and goals of the players.
The purpose of managing the system of rewards within the organisation is to attract and retain the human resources the organisation needs to achieve its objectives. To retain the services of players and maintain a high level of performance it is necessary to increase their motivation, commitment and flexibility by a variety of means, including appropriate management style, competitive compensation package and supportive culture (Armstrong and Murlis, 1994). This way clubs align their player and organisational objectives while the reward management is highlighted. Rewards not only comprise of just wages or salaries, bonus, commission, profit sharing but also non-financial rewards like for e.g. opportunities for career development. (McKenna and Beech, 2002)
Bolton Wanderers offered pay and a reward package to players and coaching staff, which was one of the some lowest costs within the Premier League. In addition the high investment in sport science was made that the player should be fit and can play and also the performance should be good. This technique was attracting some outstanding players because through the operation of these technique was for them possible to expand their playing careers. In addition players could advertise themselves for best club due to good performance.
According to Cowling and mailer (1998) appraisals are
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