Hrm Policy As The Firm Transcends Across Its National Borders Essay

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1. Examine the changes in the HRM policy as the firm transcends across its national borders? In recent years due to the factors like globalization and removal of trade restrictions have created fierce competition in domestic market for the well-established domestic firms. So, this competition has encouraged many domestic producers to enter into the international business through exporting their product to the different parts of the world or licensing or joint ventures to gain higher profit. By following the paths of international business may encounter the new challenges that are associated with international human resource management. International human resource management is the set of distinct activities, functions and processes which are used by MNC’s to attract, develop and maintain their human resources. (Taylor et al, 1996) The IHRM mainly deals with six core activities. They are recruitment and selection, training, career development, compensation, performance management and employee relation management. However, these human resource management practices, are complex and context specific. Due to this reason many global firms often find it difficult to replicate these practices among the subsidiaries that are culturally and geographically dispersed. Therefore, it is vital for human resource practitioners to transform their human resource management policies and practices into global core business processes that are changing constantly with the host country

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