Hrm Practices at Infosys

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Human Resource Management Practices in Infosys INTRODUCTION "Our assets walk out of the door each evening. We have to make sure that they come back the next morning." (Narayana Murthy, CEO Infosys). Infosys technology, a leading software company based in India, was voted as the best employer in the country in many HR surveys in the recent years. The company is well known for its employee friendly HR practices. Though Infosys has grown to become a US $ 2 billion company by the year 2006, it has still retained the culture of a small company. Infosys attracts the best talent from across the country and recruits candidates by conducting one of the toughest selection process. Infosys was one of the first companies to offer ESOPs to its…show more content…
The career model that the Infosys created emphasizes on individual growth along with organizational growth. The employees can identify their career path and the additional skills they would have to obtain to move ahead in their career. Infosys identifies the structural requirement of the people at different levels and creates a demand for the roles. If the employees fulfill those demands they would inspire for that role. Infosys adopts a role-based structure, which ensures an employee career growth through different streams, customer interface stream, and domain consulting stream. In each of the streams, the role of the employee is defined and for each role competencies have been identified and created. Recruitment, training, performance appraisal and career progression are carried out based on the roles. The HR Challenges…… » To recruit, enable, empower and retain the best and the brightest – Create a readily deployable talent pool – Competency Based Role Enabling – Sustain Employee Motivation – Address Compensation Challenges » Enable IT in HR & improve processes to enhance productivity ROLE and FUNCTIONS OF HR DEPARTMENT The role of a HR department in an IT company differs from other verticals due to regular innovations in IT, increased competition, and boom in IT sector, talent creation, training
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