Hrm Practices of the Mcdonald’s Chain

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This report was written in order to identify the HRM practices of the McDonald’s chain. Moreover, the choice of the company, its market and its current global position was approached in the purpose to outline the importance of the company.
The report was focus on McDonald’s to evaluate the change needed to the future regarding the current approach to HRM. Also, staffing issues were considering within McDonald’s as a part of any future decision on continuing global expansion.
To build this report, was using first hand research from academic sources, secondary articles from newspapers, journal, videos and web site and finally knowledge about Human Resource Management and McDonald’s policies.
The main findings of the report were
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This approach allows McDonald’s to remain the best against Quick, Burger King, and Taco Bell.
One other main approach to the development of HR strategies of McDonald’s is the best fit versus the best practice. Armstrong (2006:138) stated “the best fit approach emphasizes the importance of ensuring that HR strategies are appropriate to the circumstances of the organization, including its culture, operational processes and external environment”. This way is linked to HRM practice and the achievement of competitive advantage is suitable for McDonald’s conditions and organisational contexts (Torrington et al. 2008). The fast-food chain develops a product market strategy with the purpose of matching HR policies and practices. Contrary, the company used best practices links to the sustainability; indeed Thompson (2011, cited on McDonald’s Best Practive, 2011) argues “the best practices in this publication really shine a light on the great advances that are happening across the McDonald’s system”. Some models approach the best fit such as the behavioural perspective from Schuler and Jackson's (1987) model or matching model. Wright and McMahan (2002) stated that overall strategies could be adopted by businesses to be competitive, to have innovation, quality enhancement and cost reduction strategy. Lashley and Taylor (1998, cited on Nickson, 2007:13) highlights that “the historic success of the McDonald’s organization in delivering their market offer” due
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