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Human resource management is a vital part to any business striving to be successful in the world. Every business has a way that they like their business to be ran. Human Resource management is the “policies, practices, and systems that influence employee’s behavior, attitudes, and performance.” Without human resource management many companies would simply not be able to function correctly. Human resource management deals with every practical part that has to do with people in general. It depends on the employees of a company to want their company to be a success. It is always a team effort to make sure everything is right and acceptable. This paper explores the different aspects of human resource in a company. It details the…show more content…
The long-term view of the company, the markets they want to pursue, what resources they need, and the main point they think about is whether they will be able to keep up and compete. The strategy a business chooses is what makes the company know how they will function. Choosing a strategy is not the end to the process, the company still has to figure out how they will apply it to the company’s way of functioning. Strategy has to be thought about on a level of what the company can do regarding the internal and external environment. The business strategy has to be able to work with both internal and external activity to be successful. Without a successful internal, there is no way the company can excel at the level that they wish to. The company uses it’s mission, goals, external and internal analysis to reach their business strategy. The relationships between human resource strategy and business strategy have reason together. They both go hand and hand with one another. People have to believe in a strategy and this requires that leaders create the right environment for the change to occur and for believing that it can. All human resource strategies are implemented with the business strategy in mind. Human resource strategies usually provide support for the business strategy. The human resource strategies and business strategies must be aligned. The aligning of the two strategies
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