Hrm-Recruitment and Selection Process

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Human resources: recruitment and selection – STUDENT COPY Introduction 3 1 Overview 3 2 Effective recruitment and selection 3 3 Person–job fit or person–organisation fit? 5 3.1 A two-way process 5 3.2 Person–job fit 5 3.3 Person–organisation fit 6 4 Specifying job and person requirements 6 4.1 Initial assessment 6 Description 7 4.2 Job analysis 7 Box 1: Checklist – undertaking a job analysis 7 4.3 Organisational analysis 9 4.4 Job description 9 Example 1: Job description for a Buying Manager 9 4.5 Person specification 11 4.6 Recruiting and selecting internal candidates 14 4.7 Attracting applicants 14 Box 2: Sources of recruits 14 4.8 Advertising 15…show more content…
At worst this may contravene legislation that exists to protect individuals from discrimination. Other prejudices may be generated by particular organisational traditions regarding the ‘type of person’ considered suitable. However, it is important to ensure that the qualities of the successful applicant match what the organisation requires, perhaps in terms of being forward looking, customer focused or market orientated. It is easy to discriminate in the recruitment and selection process through personal responses and reactions to certain types of people. The recruiter 's perception is often influenced by striking characteristics or similarities to themselves. This is called the ‘halo’ effect and can work in either a positive or negative direction (the latter is sometimes called the ‘horns’ effect). The halo effect acts as a filter to any information that contradicts first impressions. For example, someone who attended the same college or university as the recruiter would be at an advantage, while a person not wearing a suit would not be management material. It is often the case that people judge more favourably those individuals with whom they have something in common. Ultimately, you are seeking the best person for the job and any discrimination, intentional or not, may prevent you from achieving that. Before we look more closely at the recruitment process, spend about ten minutes on the
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