Hrm Research Report on a Company Problem

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Recruitment at Freerichs KG
Research report for the course: HRM

Group 5
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Table of Contents Introduction 3 Executive summary 4 Methodology 5 1. About Freerichs KG 6 2. Recruitment at Freerichs KG 7 3. Options for improvement 8 3.1. Hiring Students after Graduation 8 3.2. Hiring Foreigners 8 3.3. Online applications 8 3.4. Specific area specialists 8 4. Planning schedule for the recruitment process 12 4.1. Create a Job Description 12 4.2. Send out vacancies to newspapers and through online media 13 4.3. Analyse applications from potential candidates and invite them for an interview 13 4.4. Interview 13 4.5. Hire new employee(s) 13 5.
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Moreover, the possibilities of a flexible personnel file are explored, as these provide a different method to fully exploit the employee resources.

In summary, the most vital recommendations can be summarised into an investment in the online application process, as this gives the highest return for a low cost, and the contracting of students which are currently working for the company after graduation, as they already have the required knowledge and the start up salaries are relatively low.


The information gathered to prepare this report is acquired through various sources, including both primary and secondary data resources available to the group. As the research passes through the different stages, varying sources of information are needed.

The purpose of this report is of an exploratory nature in which analysis is required within an existing company on an issue concerning the human resources department. A deductive approach is taken in the writing of this report, in which recommendations can be drawn from the outcomes of the primary and secondary data. Therefore, the first step entails finding a company willing to share information and cooperate with the group on this project. After getting into contact with Freerichs KG, an
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