Essay about Hrm Strategy for Expats

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Executive Summary

This study highlights problems in the preparation and selection process and hopefully will provide a HR department with a HRM strategy for any company operating internationally to select and prepare staff for expatriate management roles.

The companies that prepare and select their expats effectively come in many sizes and from a wide range of industries. Yet research has shown if they follow the below general practices; the chance of success outweighs the chances of failure considerably, • Assign overseas posts to people whose technical skills are matched or exceeded by their cross cultural abilities. • Screen candidates’ spouses and families • End expatriate assignments with a deliberate repatriation
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But the stakes are higher for expatriate assignments. Global projects always require extra care in handling different cultures, politics and business practices. And critical to their success is sending the right people abroad.

That's why planning is critically important in creating a successful international assignment program. Managers and HR people should be looking for and grooming candidates before a need arises.

Preparation and selection

In its approach to preparation and selection, an organization considers both headquarters’ practices and those prevalent in the countries of its subsidiaries. The choice of employee for an international assignment is a critical
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