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Introduction “Human Resources Management” and “Industrial relations” has different concepts about the determination and functions of the both spheres. The essay deliberates the comparison and contrast on the key features of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations in academic fields. Definitions of terms HRM and IR will be identified through the review of the origin and development of these two areas. Moreover, I have pointed out the theoretical scope of the two subjects and key features of HRM and IR. Finally, there is comparison and contrast between given subjects through the historical retrospective and paper review.
Definition of Industrial Relations
Why don’t we mention the fact that Industrial Relations have become a
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However, neither of the models pays close attention to the respects of employment relationship. John Storey’s (2007) model is worth considering framework in HRM studies. Four key elements are summarized as foundational structure of HRM, that is beliefs and assumptions, strategic qualities, critical role of managers and key levers which activate HRM as an essentially tool and techniques for use by practitioners.
However, currently HR changes and extends its functions beyond simple administration and personnel management. This area is becoming one of the strategic and reactive activity in the management of both organizations and other bodies.
Basic Theory of Industrial Relations
Colling et al (2010) comment that “Academic industrial relations is now outdated” either the problem of the “human factor” in work have all been solved, or they are better addressed by new approaches such as “human resource management” or “organisational behaviour”’, however, in the statement by the British Universities Industrial Relations Association (BUIRA), they strongly disagree the claim. (BUIRA)
During the initiative academic research in IR, predominant focus upon collective institutions and processes which embody trade unions, collective bargaining and strikes are the mainstream scope of IR study. Compared with the origin IR, modern IR emphasized on the experience of work, both individual and collective, and with all sources of the rules
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