Hrm and Organisational Turnaround Selfridges & Co

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Managing People and Transformation Selfridges HR Approach HRM and Organisational Turnaround Selfridges & Co MBA Module: Managing People and Transformation (HRM 209) Module Leader: Maarten Pontier Date: 18th August 2008 Student Name: Zahoor Soomro University Of East London 1 Managing People and Transformation Selfridges HR Approach Table of Contents Introduction Traditional Approach New Approach Performance Appraisal Reward System Participation Communication Mission Statement Organisational Values Beliefs And Vision Part Time Staff Leadership Role Line Managers Employee Commitment Need For Achievement Conclusion References 03 04 05 05 06 06 07 07 08 10 11 11 12 13 14 15 University Of East London 2…show more content…
At the Selfridges, the process of performance appraisal is redefined through the new role of leader. As Purcell et al (2003) believes that the effective appraisal system has found to be the potential to raise motivation, commitment and the extent to which employee make positive use of any discretionary power they possess. Performance appraisal is critical element in the performance management process. A primary aim of the performance appraisal dimension of performance management is to assess or measure the achievement of the individual or the team against the agreed objectives. (Stephen and Marjorie, 2006) According to James N. Baron and David M. Kreps (1999) the consistency in HR practices is important to achieve long term technical benefits through intensive training programs and careful selection procedures. This will increase overall efficiency. University Of East London 5 Managing People and Transformation Selfridges HR Approach Reward system A prime objective of HR personnel at Selfridges is to put right people at right place with right skills but this cannot be achieved without integrated reward strategies. Various researches reveal the fact and stated by Stephen and Marjorie (2006) that there is a direct connection in between employee pay and employee
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