Hrm at Glaxosmithkline Pakistan

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Human Resource Management (HRM) at GlaxoSmithKline (plc) Objective: This report aims to explain Human Resource Management and its tactics with our exclusive discussion of HRM at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). In our meeting with the Assistant Manager of Recruitment at GSK, Mr. Sufyan Ismail, we discussed the HRM policy being implemented in the organization. This term report shall be covering the points highlighted in our discussion that include the following HR procedures being undertaken at GSK: 1. Recruitment 2. Training and Learning 3. Corporate Culture 4. Incentives and Rewards for employees 5. The 70-20-10 principle 6. …show more content…
Next, interviews are conducted which consist of three filters: * Basic HR screening * Interview with the line manager and HR department * Interview with the Director
Through this process, GSK ensures that they hire employees most suited for their organization. After hiring, an orientation is conducted in which the successful applicants are made aware of the GSK behavior or the GSK spirit, to help them adjust to the culture at GSK.
GSK also carries out recruitment drives in which they visit the top universities and meet the top 30 students. They conduct interviews and test these students and keep a selection of them as reserves. When a vacancy occurs, they contact these people.

2. Training and Learning: The HR department at GSK works efficiently towards training and educating their employees to keep them up to dated in the rapidly evolving and advancing Competitive Global Environment. To assess their employees’ areas that require learning, they conduct the Learning Need Analysis. Accordingly, all their employees fill PDPs (Personal Development Forms), in which they outline or pick all their weaknesses that they want to improve within the next year such as confidence, people skills, presentation skills etc. A learning specialist then extracts all the necessary information from these forms and designs workshops. Either the learning specialist conducts these workshops himself or hires trainers from abroad. In this way, GSK is able to
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