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OUR PEOPLE OUR PERFORMANCE We performed extremely well on workplace safety and achieved our 2011 target on video conferencing and our 2011 milestone on Lamplighter. We made steady progress on the others. • 1 achieved • 7 on-plan • 0 off-plan • 0 missed target OUR APPROACH Our employees are essential to our business success and to achieving the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan targets. It is in our interest to ensure that all 171,000 of them are healthy, motivated and committed. Complementing our targets are three important areas which we keep under regular review - diversity, human and labour rights and training. DIVERSITY Unilever is an extremely diverse organisation in terms of its ethnic and cultural make-up. The…show more content…
MORE ON REDUCING EMPLOYEE TRAVEL REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION IN OUR OFFICES 8.4By 2020 we will halve the energy (kWh) purchased per occupant for the offices in our top 21 countries versus 2010. • In 2011 we made steady progress in developing our systems for sharing information, reporting progress and monitoring performance. MORE ON REDUCING ENERGY CONSUMPTION IN OUR OFFICES REDUCE OFFICE WASTE 8.5In our top 21 countries, at least 90% of our office waste will be reused, recycled or recovered by 2015 and we will send zero waste to landfill by 2017. 8.6By 2015 we will reduce paper consumption by 30% per head in our top 21 countries. 8.7We will eliminate paper in our invoicing, goods receipt, purchase order processes, financial reporting and employee expense processing by 2015, where legally allowable and technically possible. • Several countries are moving towards zero waste. • We continue to cut paper use by encouraging employees to print less and reducing the number of printers. A new global print standard will help reduce volumes further by ensuring that duplex printing becomes a default setting. • The elimination of paper from our office processes is complex as it spans a number of business functions. We are mapping our existing processes and their impacts. INCREASING SUSTAINABLE SOURCING OF OFFICE MATERIALS 8.8By 2013 we will source all paper-based office materials for our top 21 countries from either certified

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