Hrm of Diagnostic Model Selection,

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Course project part 3
Organization Change
Coca cola and PepsiCo

HRM 587
Managing Organizational Change
Professor Michael Komos
June 4, 2015

Prepare By
Pragnesh Patel
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Diagnostic Model Selection 3
The McKinsey 7S Framework 3
Data Analysis 5
SWOT Analysis 7
Coca Cola 7
Strengths 7
Weaknesses 7
Opportunities 7
Threats 7
PepsiCo 8
Strengths 8
Weaknesses 8
Opportunities 8
Threats 8
Added Threats and Resistance to Change 9
Recommendations 10
References 11

Diagnostic Model Selection

The McKinsey 7s Framework

The McKinsey 7s model has been selected for this analysis as the most applicable to the changes that have occurred and continue to occur at Coco cola and
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In this model seven segments connected to each other so that roll of each element is vital for company performance.

Data Analysis

The topics below are selected from the seven dimensions of the 7-s model for reorganization. It is offered here that these seven elements are the key dimensions necessary to understand the nature and extent of this analysis of the Coca cola and PepsiCo organizational changes.

Strategy: Both companies are focusing on how to increasing their sales volume so that they are creating new distribution channel in USA as well as outside of USA and creating new products for targeting young generation moreover they are tie up with food chain companies or restaurants. According to Forbes magazine Coca-Cola and PepsiCo market cap respectively $179.9 billion and 143 billion. Coca-Cola focuses exclusively on beverages, while PepsiCo sells both beverages and food products. They are target athletics, older, and teenager by sponsoring various events and TV shows. For instance, Coca cola had sponsor Fifa world cup, Olympics and American idol lounge. PepsiCo had sponsor Cricket, NFL, X-factor, music festival. Both companies are use social media for increasing sustainability efforts.
Structure: Both companies are accepted regional structure which are spread more than 200…