Hrm 's The Global Environment

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Assessment item 1 EASSY SUBJECT - HRMT20022: HRM in the Global Environment SUBMISSION DATE- Thursday, 9 April 2015, 11:45 PM SUBMITTED BY:- PAPISH SHARMA (S0254528) Every region of this world has various beliefs, values, rituals and operating styles to govern an organisation or people in a company. These attributes of a culture directly or indirectly contributes to create a corporate culture. This culture binds the people working in that environment. Undoubtedly, it is not an easy job for any individual to adopt a new culture andstart job in between all unknowns. This change deeply impact the performance and working life of an employee in various ways. This paper will reflect the ideas that are helpful to understand different aspects and changes that occur with change in place of work and affect the working style of an employee. In this essay first we need to understand the term culture of an organisation. It is a collaboration of expression of feelings and reactions on different situations. As we know every country has different culture. Therefore, if an Australian born manager working in his home country is going to work in Britain then it can be biggest challenge in his professional career. Because both the countries have differences in their culture (Briody, trotter 2012 ). Every organisation has its different internal culture that is according to need of goals of company, government regulations at that place and external culture of respective
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