Hrm vs. Hrd

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Starting any career is tough--you don 't want to start in one job, find out you don 't like it and then start over with another. But as an HR professional, your experience in the field, regardless of its type, will always be valuable. A good way to start an HR career is to determine what side of HR you want to work on: Human Resource Management (HRM) or Human Resource Development (HRD).
HRM means just what it says--human resource management--the management of people or resources in an organization. Almost every working organization has to have some form of HRM staff to take care of basic employee management tasks. HRM encompasses the traditional areas that most people think of as HR, including compensation and benefits,
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Many HR professionals start out in HRM to get an understanding of the field and then move into HRD to hone their development and coaching skills.

In addition to education, another way to prepare yourself for the HR field is through certification. Why are certifications important? Not only do they show a proficiency in HR, but they also recognize HR professionals who have a certain level of experience and ongoing training in their field.
Certifications are also an immediate way for a recruiter or hiring manager to know that you have a baseline of HR-related knowledge. Since most certifications can only be attained through exams, they demonstrate that you have a collection of HR-specific knowledge that non-certified professionals can 't always prove. Most HR certifications require at least one or two years of HR-related work experience, so you 'll want to pursue certifications as you grow your career.
Having an HR certification also shows commitment. Most professionals won 't take the time or spend the money to get certified unless they plan to stay in the field for a significant period of time. Most certifications require renewal after a certain period of time (typically three years), so professionals also have to commit to a certain number of professional development hours each year to maintain their

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